Privacy Policy
Mobile App Permissions required to use various features in our app:
In order to have a better experience and to use all features in the app, we need below permissions to be used in our android app:
- Account Identity & Contacts: 
We use it to enable you to do login using facebook account.
We also pre-fill your information by showing auto-suggestion so that you type less. 
It also enables to do social sharing of the app with your friends by inviting them to download the app using your unique referral link. By doing this we map user's email id with the device and provide rewards on successful referral. We will store this information in the servers so as to run refer & earn program and map all user’s interactions.
-Device & App history: 
We need your device permission to get information about your device, like OS (operating system) name, OS version, mobile network, hardware model, unique device identifier etc.We also need it to detect critical crashes and recover the app state.
- Location: 
To provide location specific functionality like airport near you or hotels near you or cabs available near your current location.
- SMS: 
We need send and receive SMS permission, so as to read your SMS and auto- populate One Time password received on your mobile number for authentication of payments while making a transaction.
This permission enables us to put your booking details in your calendar.
- Phone:
We require access to make phone calls through app. You can call us or airlines,hotels etc directly through the app.
-Photo/ Media/ Files: 
We allow you to install our app on your SD card and save your device memory. This permission is also required by the Google Maps service, to cache map data in hotels. This provides you a seamless Map based Hotel selection experience, even on low bandwidth network.
- Storage:
By using this permission, we allow you to install our app on your SD card and save your phone device memory.
-Wi-Fi connection information: 
By using Wi-Fi connection details, we provide you a seamless experience depending upon your network such as image loading process. We try to use this information to optimise the app's performance on slow networks.
-Device ID & Call information: 
This permission is used to detect your Android ID using which we uniquely identify every user and map user related activities. Using your details using which we pre-populate your email id to ensure a seamless experience.
-Prevent phone from sleeping: 
We use this so as to keep your device awake while we perform any operation to get data from servers. This ensures to have a smoother experience as device does not get locked automatically.
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